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Miso Soup image

Miso Soup

Classic japanese broth style
soup with tofu, scallion.
Vegan kombu broth available


House Salad  image

House Salad

Mixed greens, cucumber, tomato
Dressings: truffle ginger,


Cucumber Sunomono

marinated and seasoned
cucumber with sesame seeds


Seaweed Salad   image

Seaweed Salad

mix of seaweed, cucumber,
scallion, ponzu sauce


Edamame (120G) image

Edamame (120G)

classic with maldon sea salt


Garlic edamame (220g) image

Garlic edamame (220g)

steamed soy beans with garlic sauce


Crispy Vegetable Gyoza (3 pcs)  image

Crispy Vegetable Gyoza (3 pcs)


Sweet Potato Tempura image

Sweet Potato Tempura


Chicken Karaage (4 pcs) image

Chicken Karaage (4 pcs)

togarashi mayo dip


Chilli chicken Karaage (4 pcs)  image

Chilli chicken Karaage (4 pcs)


Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs)  image

Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs)

togarashi mayo dip


Chilli Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs)  image

Chilli Shrimp Tempura (3 pcs)


Oyster Tempura (3 pcs)  image

Oyster Tempura (3 pcs)

tartar dip



Tempura COMBO image

Tempura COMBO

2 shrimp tempura,
2 oyster tempura,
3 onion ring
3 sweet potato tempura
with dip


Shrimp Tempura Combo

5 shrimp tempura, kani cucumber salad with togarashi mayo dip


Oyster Tempura Combo

7 oyster tempura+seaweed cucumber salad with tartar dip


★ Hawaiian Gyoza

5 pcs crispy vegetable gyoza with spicy tuna poke salad+scallion


★ Mini Sashimi (4 pcs)  image

★ Mini Sashimi (4 pcs)

salmon, tuna, yellowtail, one chef’s choice,
+ 1 pc free tamago


★ Salmon Tower (raw) image

★ Salmon Tower (raw)

sesame and ponzu-marinated norway salmon, crab mix, avocado and sushi rice,
topped with black tobiko and
salmon roe, served with
honey wasabi,
mango and eel sauces



served with vegetable pickles

add on side (miso soup or rice bowl) $1.5
add on 3 pcs sashimi (tuna or salmon) $7

Small (8pcs)

5 kinds of cfef's choice sashimi + 1 pc free tamago and 1 pc free ebi


Large (16pcs)

8 kinds of cfef's choice sashimi + 1 pc free tamago and 1 pc free ebi


Nigiri or Sashimi

served with vegetable pickles

nigiri (fish with rice) / sashimi (fish without rice)

nigiri (fish with rice) / sashimi (fish without rice)

Chef's Choice Nigiri (8 pcs)+ 1 pc free Tamago


Akami (tuna)


Zuke Akami (soy marinated tuna)


Sake (kombujime salmon)


Aburi Sake (touched wasabi mayo)


Zuke Sake (soy marinated salmon)


Madai (red snapper)


Hirame (fluke)


Hotate (scallop)


Shiro Maguro (albacore)


Hamachi (yellow tail)


Escolar (white tuna)


Ikura (salmon roe)


Wasabi Tobiko


Uni (sea urchin)


Unagi (cooked eel)


Tamago (egg omelet)


Inari (deep fried tofu skin)


Chef’s Bowl

served with vegetable pickles and miso soup

Zuke Sake  (6 pcs)    image

Zuke Sake (6 pcs)

soy marinated salmon+ikura+lemon zest+egg+rice


Zuke Tuna (6 pcs)

soy marinated tuna+chive+egg+rice


Spicy Chirashi

assorted chunk of SASHIMI+vegetables+rice+
red chlli - peper pasted with viniger


Sashimi Bowl  		 image

Sashimi Bowl

chef’s choice sashimi+
tamago+ebi+sushi rice


Black Chicken Katsu image

Black Chicken Katsu

black breaded
deep-fried chicken+
cabbage salad+


Sweet Beef   image

Sweet Beef

soy marinated beef+
scallion+noodle or rice


Spicy Pork   image

Spicy Pork

spicy marinated pork+
scallion+noodle or rice


Unagi (6 pcs)   image

Unagi (6 pcs)

baked eel+rice+sesame seeds+tare sauce


Eel Tempura   image

Eel Tempura

crispy eel tempura+egg tempura+rice+tare sauce


Ramen (not take-out)

served with vegetable pickles / choice of spicy or mild

Cha-Cha image


marinated braised pork belly+
egg+black mushroom+


Under The Sea image

Under The Sea

seasonal seafood+
oden fries+black mushroom+


Wa-Wa image


marinated bbq ham+
egg+black mushroom+


Chicken Katsu Ramen image

Chicken Katsu Ramen

chicken katsu+


Bulgogi Ramen image

Bulgogi Ramen

korean style beef+egg+vegetables


Veggie Dumpling (only mild)  image

Veggie Dumpling (only mild)

korean vegetable sumpling+
black mushroom+


Veggie Ramen (only mild)  image

Veggie Ramen (only mild)

tofu(deep fried tofu)+
black mushroom+vegetables


Special Rollspecial Roll

served with vegetable pickles, wasabi, and miso soup /
soy bean paper substitution $1

Lollipop image


soy marinade salmon, kanikama, cucumber, asparagus, fresh salmon,
fresh tuna, steamed shrimp, scallion, yuzu ginger truffle sauce


Pink Panda

fresh salmon, cream cheese, cucumber, hamachi, avocado, fried crab stick,
strawberry salsa


Hi-Salmon image


fresh salmon, imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, lemon, seaweed salad.


Orange Blossom

seared tuna , avocado, cucumber, mango, fresh salmon, crispy salmon skin,
ikura(salmon egg), seasonal salad, orange sauce


Rainbow image


fresh tuna, salmon, yellow tail , cucumber, chive, avocado, tobiko (flying fish egg), ikura (salmon egg),
wasabi mayonnaise, seasonal salad



shrimp tempura, eel, avocado,
cucumber, unagi sauce


Red Monster

spicy tuna, cucumber, kanikama, asparagus, avocado, imitation crab,
wasabi mayonnaise, crunchy, spicy tuna poke salad


Lion King (baked roll) image

Lion King (baked roll)

baked salmon, avocado, cucumber, cream cheese, shrimp tempura,
spicy mayo with crispy potato, unagi sauce


Red Dragon (baked roll) image

Red Dragon (baked roll)

crispy eel, cucumber, asparagus, seared salmon, seared tuna, kanikama,
galric crunchy, bbq garic soy sauce, spicy mayo and unagi sauce


Roger’s Park (vegan) image

Roger’s Park (vegan)

crispy eggplant, asparagus,
egg omelet, lettuce, avocado,
cucumber, unagi sauce


Vegan Lion King (vegan)

deep-fried sweet potato,
cream cheese, mango,
asparagus, avocado,
cucumber, spicy mayo
with crispy potato,
unagi sauce


Basic Roll

served with vegetable pickles and wasabi
soy bean paper substitution $1

California Roll

imitation crab, cucumber,
avocado, wasabi mayo


Sweet Potato Tempura


Shrimp Tempura roll

shrimp tempura, cucumber, unagi sauce


Spicy Tuna

tuna, cucumber,
avocado, scallion, spicy sauce


Spicy Salmon

salmon, cucumber,
avocado, scallion, spicy sauce


Spicy Hamachi

yellowtail, cucumber,
avocado, scallion, spicy sauce


Tuna Kamikaze

tuna, scallion, cucumber, scallion ponzu sauce



salmon, cucumber, mango, avocado


Philly Roll

somoke salmon, avocado, cream cheese


Crazy (6 pcs)

5 kinds of fish, avocado, scallion ponzu


Rock N Roll

unagi(cooked eel), avocado, cucumber


Yummy Yummy

shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, unagi sauce


Unagi Mango

cooked eel, avocado, mango, unagi sauce


Hamachi Mango

yellowtail, avocado, mango


Bugogi Futomaki

korean bbq beef, tamago with vegetable


Shrimp Tempura Futomaki Roll

shrimp tempura, tamago, seasonal
salad, vegetables, cucumber, unagi sauce


Salmon Avocado


Tuna Avocado


Salmon Mango


Vegetable Roll

Japanese Futomaki (6pcs)

tamago(egg omelet, japanese vegetables


Avo-Q (8pcs)

avocado, cucumber


Seaweed Roll (6pcs)


Shitake Roll (8pcs)


Avocado Roll (8pcs)


Cucumber Roll


Deep Fried Roll

Crunch California Roll

deep fried california roll,
scallion, unagi sauce,
spicy mayo


Chicago image


tuna, salmon, cucumber
avocado, tomato, crispy bacon
tartar sauce, spicy mayo, unagi sauce


Sheridan Roll image

Sheridan Roll

tuna, salmon, cream cheese,
cucumber, avocado, jalapeno pickle,
crispy onion, spicy mayo, unagi sauce


Pop Cracker Roll image

Pop Cracker Roll

shrimp tempura, avocado,
asparagus, imitation crab,
cream cheese, spicy mayo,
unagi sauce, seaweed honey crunch
with soy bean paper


Classic Maki

Salmon Roll (6 pcs)


Tuna Roll (6 pcs)


Negi Hamachi Roll (6 pcs)

Yellowtail, scallion


Inari Maki (vegan / 6pcs)

deep fried tofu skin


Oshinko Maki (vegan / 6pcs)

japanese radish pickle


Kampyo Maki (vegan / 6 pcs)

Marinated sweet gourd


Tamago Maki

egg omelet





Dite Coke




Green Tea (iced or hot)


Jasmine Tea (iced or hot)


Elder and Black Berry (hot)


Raspberry Hibiscus (hot)


Lemon Ginger (hot)


Milkis (korean soda)

Ramune Japanese Soda




Rice Bowl



Green Tea Cheese cake


Original Cheese Cake


Mochi Ice Cream (1 pcs)

sticky rice cake filled
with your choice
of the following ice cream
flavors: mango, strawberry
matcha, chocolate, red bean


Hand Roll

Spicy Salmon Hand Roll


Spicy Tuna Hand Roll


Spicy Hamachi Hand Roll


Unagi Hand Roll


Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll


Salmon Skin Hand Roll


Vegetable Hand Roll

Avo-Q Hand Roll

avocado, cucumber


Seaweed Hand Roll


Shitake Hand Roll

soy marinated black mushroom


Avocado Hand Roll